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Wausau Nordic Night Glider girls are the WI State Middle School Nordic Champions!

We had 9 girls compete and had 3 in the top 10 each day. Olivia Dreger was the individual Champion for skate, classic and pursuit!

Ally Swensen was 7th in skate, 10th in classic and 8th in pursuit, Lauren Lackman was 10th in skate, 13th in classic and 11th in pursuit, and Bergen Anderson was 16th in skate, 9th in classic, and 12th in pursuit. Additional girls rounding out the team were Erin Achatz, Maddie Busig, Kelly Giebel, Olivia Schenzel, and Sophia Schenzel. They all contributed wonderful effort to this winning team!

Wausau Nordic Night Gliders – boys team was 7th out of 14  teams at the State Meet and Stephen Koch  made top 10 both in Skate and classic (7th in skate, 10th in classic, and 7th in the pursuit) We had 7 boys compete: Sam Hagedorn, Stephen Koch, Cole Lozon, Jake Lozon, Connor Luedke, Caleb Novitch, and Cooper Stamp.


Wausau Nordic United and Wausau Night Glider Teams Named 2015 Conference Champs

Wausau Nordic United High School Boys Team and Wausau Night Glider Middle School Girls Team were named Conference Champions after Tuesday's Central Division Meet held at Greenwood Hills.  Skiing for the Wausau Nordic United High School Boys Team were:  Senior, Mark Wenzel (3rd); Sophomore, Nathan Koch (6th); Senior, Justin Schwarting (7th); and, Sophomore, Michael Bush (18).  SkiIng for the Wausau Night Glider Middle School Girls Team were Olivia Dreger (1st), Lauren Lackman (2nd), Ally Swensen (4th), Bergen Anderson (5th), Erin Achatz (6th), Olivia Schenzel (7th), Kelly Giebel (8th), Sophia Schenzel (9th), and Madelein Busig (10th).  Area individual champions included: Olivia Dreger, Wausau Night Gliders (Middle School Girls); Stephen Koch, Wausau Night Gliders (Middle School Boys); and, Fletcher Arlen, Wausau East/West (High School Boys). 


High School Girls

High School Boys

Middle School Boys

Middle School Girls

2015 Night Gliders

2015 Wausau Nordic Night gliders

Wausau Night Gliders 2014-2015

Bottom Row: Claire Butalla, Brett Butalla, Connor Luedke, Jackson Nienhuis, Nya Harrington, Jack Lackman, Adam Luedke, Ally Swensen

2nd Row: Jack Ecke, Garrett Zuelke,  Mahriana Merkel, Bergen Anderson, Cole Lozon, Jake Lozon, Jon Busig, Parker Faust, John Belton

3rd Row: Jackson Boersma, Lucas Allen, Stephen Koch, Caleb Novitch, Olivia Dreger, Alek Zavadoski, Henry Bennett, Sarah Zuelke

4th Row:  Cooper Stamp, Coach Katrine Colton, Aidan Earll, Kelly Giebel, Maddie Busig, Sophia Schenzel, Izzie Bednorski, Reece Barber, Lauren Lackman, Olivia Schenzel, Sam Hagedorn, Erin Achatz

Top Row Coaches: Ernie Luedke, Zach Trulen, Greg Kresse, Tom Wald, Mike Cavenaugh, John Beatty, Scott Anderson Coaches Not Present: Anne Marshall, Elizabeth Erickson, Mark & Sue Parman, Kevin Wald, Morgan Stamp. Athletes Not Present: Ian Luedke, Eleanor Bennett Manager Not Present: Rachel Kresse


Night Gliders This program is filled for the 2014-15 season.

Advanced Ski Program For Middle School Children    

Minimum of 9 years old through 8th grade

Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-6:45 PM

Entry to the program is preferably from graduation from the Snow Striders or Learn to Ski Programs and/or by special request. Program is full for the 2014-15 season

Contact Greg or Rachel Kresse, Program Manager at 715-355-0821 with any inquiries.

The Wausau Nordic ski club also has a beginning Middle School cross country ski program.


We are a Team Sport – Called the Wausau Night Gliders. We are a club based program sponsored by the Wausau Nordic Ski Club. We set our roster in spring based on number of coaches we have to manage and run a quality program. We accept youth 8/9 to 13/14 provided the older 14 year olds are in the 8th grade and 8 year olds are turning 9 by the time the season begins and have higher level ski skills from a previous program like our Snow Striders. Generally children progress from our Snow Strider program or the Monday Night Learn to Ski Program, but may be considered even if totally new to Nordic skiing. We use performance equipment (skate skis and waxable classic skis) and athletes are taught both techniques. We have four groups within the program with criteria for each group. Athletes are placed in the group that best fits their abilities from the basics of learning to ski to being highly competitive skiers.

During the summer and fall we have optional ski opportunities. These opportunities are sponsored by Knicker Nordic &/or CXC (not the ski club).  In Mid- September the Night Glider registration form is sent out to those on the Spring Roster.  Cost is $75 for the 2014-15 season (additional children in the same family are $50).  We supply jacket, wind pants, race top, classic skis & poles, skate skis and poles. We have a Sunday afternoon program led by our high school skiers for 6 Sundays in the fall (4 in October & 2 in November). There is no additional charge for this (again an optional, but encouraged activity). These Sunday afternoons are to keep kids in good physical shape and work on balance with games and activities. In October there is a Mandatory Orientation Parent/Athlete Meeting.

We hand out equipment in November and plan on starting skiing after Thanksgiving on either natural snow if we have it or on man-made snow at Greenwood Hills Golf Course. Ski passes for 9 Mile and Greenwood Hills is an additional cost not covered by the registration Fee.  Until the chalet opens at 9 Mile we have a very erratic schedule based on where the snow is. Once 9 Mile is open it becomes easier because we are on our regular schedule of Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30-6:45 PM. Athletes have to be ready for “coaching” and learning technique. Attendance is taken at practices and we expect them to be there on time. We expect even first year skiers to participate in our home events/races (The Snekkevik, Badger State Games, and Wausau Invite) and if technique progresses rapidly enough they may also ski out of town events. We use a lot of emailing to notify of schedule changes and flexibility is needed due to our dependence on weather. You must consistently/daily check your emails (especially during the season).


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